Ad Mortem

by Anung Un Rama

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YomaBarr First of all, respect for redoing it from scratch.
Second, congrats on this being really good. So pleasantly unpleasant.
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After a computer meltdown resulting in a complete re-recording from scratch, The debut album is finally out.

Album will be free for as long as It is allowed to be

CD's, Patches & Shirts will be posted about soon. Stay tuned!


released January 10, 2020




Anung Un Rama Adelaide, Australia

Solo Blackened Death Metal project from Adelaide, South Australia.

Logo by Jaimeson Gohan Lieben

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Track Name: Eclipse
And out of the light, I witnessed a god bathed in light, The wind fell by her feet, as if she was divine,
I hold this memory so dear, So that the day will come, The day I can pass
Through the gates that are my hell
Believe in mercy, For all that hold it dear
Are doomed to walk alone.

"Slumber watcher til the spheres, Six and twenty thousand years have revolved
And I return the spot where now I burn, Other stars anon shall rise to the axis of the skies
stars that sooth and stars that bless with a sweet forgetfulness, only when my round is over
shall the past disturb thy door"
Track Name: Monolith
I will watch you die and suffer the fate you brought upon yourself
As I suffer alone and while she sat by an old oak tree, Her hair flowed down like the river,
Is this a dream or just another nightmare, As clear as the day I saw the look your eyes,
Her face I'll never see again
You left my side and pushed away so far away My haunting thoughts will be the end of me
Torment is all that's left for me all,
And all that is left for you,

It is one thing to die alone, But another to have rectitude,
Burn in hell, Leave me to fucking rot

Shed this aegis, this disembodied shell,
The filth shall be washed away

I am to be
The end of you
The end of all
The end of me
The end comes

This will end by my hand
Now I die,
This will end
Track Name: Invocation
Cosmic annihilation bringing an end to life,
By this invocation I, I will return to a vessel an abhorrence of infected flesh
Surpassing divinity,

My Angel my sweet fallen star
Never will I be set free from the pain that haunts me forever more
I am one with the dead,
Fire Scorched the sky as my soul was ripped from my body,
I shall ascend to a higher form at the cost of my humanity,
Guide my heart to which it seeks, The consequences of my actions,
Writhing twisting burning in a pit of bone, born again in the eyes of death

Go now into hell find the one to bring me back
Bathe in the light of Atomic Hellfire
Bask in the rays of a Nuclear Dawn
Go now Into Hell find the one to bring me back

I Now see the reward
I Now see the peak
I Now see Finally
Blinded eyes above

These old stories will shed no light on the horror of the Zenith Nadir
The Great Above, Crashing below When the drowning star lights the sky
Brighter than the flame
Our purpose becomes clear to me
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Repent! Behold!
The Metamorphosis
I am the voice inside of you, I am the void and the hunger
I am the price that must be paid,
Silence ceases to be silent, show me the way and I will remain for eternity,
I've waited so long the time is now,
I bring the Necrophant to this place of depravity
And all it brings the pain the suffering
And all that binds us here
Come forth Omega show us the way
Show us the end, we wait eagerly

Erupting sanity of my mind fell so far beyond the reach,
Beyond the reach of death and no one could return from beyond those wastes
From a far, all who serve the Metamorphosis
Their blackened words leave a stench in the air, this world will bend
The darkest entities born from the furthest reaches of the universe
This world will bend until it breaks
This will be my cataclysm, slay me and from my death shall bring new life
We are the last, so very few remember how this all began.
Track Name: Scion Of The Void
Rejoice and give thanks to the cold mothers womb
In the twisting nether where reality unravels the strands of existence
To be rewoven into thy flesh and bone
I am the end of god

To live first I must die
And to do i must be the last to live
The strings have been severed I move on my own now

I am awake and in the silence of the dark
Dawns a new dream, A dream of my new world

Oh Scion, I see where one became the two, but I am none
Prophetic illusionary tales prideful subjugations of disordering peace
I will know no calm I will know no rest
All that I know is all I'll be
And by these words does the equinox come full circle
and this celestial soul will be consumed by the endless hunger of a black hole.
Now follow me.

To live first I must die
And to do i must be the last to live
The strings have been severed I move on my own now
Track Name: Ad Mortem
What have you done to me? Let me breathe!
As I am one, with the life we lead
Lead unto death
Into the pain that holds us to this earth
Balance is lost and all is chaos
Hopeless is the world and like a wound
it will fester

What Have you done to me? Let me breathe!
I stand on the path where others have stood
This is my path, chosen by none
Receive my gift with open arms
And I shall bestow true purpose
I will deny the world
That what is used to be
An abstract thought that gives birth to a new harmony
Illuminate Demonium
Illuminate Ad Mortem
Sovereignty To Ad Mortem

Ad Mortem

The tides of fate will consume you all
The Maelstrom will break over the world
There is nothing left but pain now
This is my legacy, disorder and entropy
Beyond lies nothing for me
Beyond lies purgatory
I am mistaken, You are mistaken
There is nothing left but pain now
Beyond lies nothing for me
Beyond is purgatory
I am mistaken, You are mistaken
There is no one left but me now.
Track Name: Temple Of Qliphoth
Arise Oh Undying one
Breathe your miasma upon us
Let the tombs fill with bones
Let the halls flow with blood
Let the skies turn to ash
Let the graves be unending
Behold Epiphany
The prophecy to end all prophecies

The temple of Qliphoth stands for all, it stands for you
Obsidian temple, beacon of the Anti-God
We will shake down the mountain
So that all will bow on their knees
What is a beginning without an end?
The Temple of Qliphoth stands for all, it stands for you

As I seek salvation within the confines of this hell on earth
Behold the beauty of silence
Track Name: Tyrant
No dream left, Untouched
No fault left, Unjudged
No Sin left, Unpunished

I am fear, I am without fear
I am sin, I am without sin
Born from the stone that held our god
I will walk among the earth and reign again
I am death, I am without death
I am life, I am without life
As the king slips into madness
He will doom us all and reign as a Tyrant

O' leader of the lost hear my plea!
Why cant you see beyond the realm of God?
O' I am Scorn, And I will show the way
Lift the veil of Lies and worship onto me
All hail the death hymn, hear the song of hell
And worship onto me

The bleeding sun holds the key
You are the lock
Come together and grant my desire
Step forward from The ashes of a dead false God
Do the meek hide from the shadow?
Ignorance and deceit is what surrounds me
Begone with old fears
Begin again
A new reign has begun

No dream left, Untouched
No fault left, Unjudged
No Sin left, Unpunished
Track Name: Insidious
Discover the truth
Discover the self

This has happened all before
Every part of me is every part of you
It's a vicious cycle, Condemned to be damned
Wandering in circles, Where to start, When to end
This malevolency breeds from within
Even a God has a shadow


I've reached the half-life
We Rise with the dawn
We Fall with dusk
A new collective forms
The cycle starts again
Fear is transcendental,
I will find my happiness in death
In the mind of none, In life, In death


The price of peace
Is the cost itself
And I've paid my debts
I will be free
Track Name: Oculus
Look at me what you see all that is
All seeing all knowing everywhere
Oculus Optus Diabolos
It Is here
Infection of the mind, defiler of the eye
Come step forth, he shall reign and not lie, false truths burn
Brighter than all the stars in the black open sky
And an all seeing eye he will find what he seeks

Higher and higher we soar towards the meaning of life
The pinnacle of euphoria, this is my domain
Stronger and stronger we become now I shall seek
Eyes wide open now this is where we die
Now become one with the eye and with yourself
This is not the end
Look at me what you see all that is all seeing all knowing everywhere
Oculus Optus Diabolos
It Is here
Track Name: Rebirth
I dream of darkness and darkness dreams of me
Fulfilling chaos and beauty of a bleeding star
The dawn burns red as I close my eyes
And lose myself between the sounds of a dying world
Witness the rebirth of a God
My mortal shroud will shed as I take on a divine form
Perfection has been found in essence and purity
I have reached immortality

I am absolute
The beginning and the end
My will be done, as I take my place among the stars
We were there when the world was born
We are older than creation itself,
Unseen and Unknown
Cosmic entities born from the void

We will found our way,
This is how I return,
This is my rebirth,
Return a God

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